Understanding the WordPress Configuration Settings – Permalinks

January 13, 2013

What you choose here will determine the structure of your website’s URLs. WordPress gives you a few default choices, but there was ways to customize them to suit your site’s needs.

Common Settings

The first five choices are to give you some guidance as to how many blogs have their permalink set up. The sixth option is for you to choose your own style of permalinks, and the link in the directions above the choices will give you all of the possible options for permalink variables. CJEllison.com uses the “Post name” option, but if you want to avoid naming conflicts then you should add a numeric variable to your permalink, such as adding the post ID to make




Category base

You may have noticed that when viewing a category of posts, your URL had /category/ within it. You can change that text using this field, but you cannot remove the text without help from a plugin.

Tag base

Similar to categories, viewing tags places /tag/ within the permalink. You can change the text to be something else within this field.

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