Some Useful iPad Accessories

June 23, 2012

Since buying the third generation iPad the hour after it was announced by Apple, I have enjoyed my purchase very much. I was hesitant for a long time about buying a tablet (discussed by me here), but I eventually just went out and bought one. It has been useful for several reasons, but I think that some clever or adapted accessories would be useful for the iPad as a multi-function device.

Just to make one thing clear: this is not a review of the iPad 3rd generation (or any generation). This will just be a list of some of the accessories that I think would make the iPad even more useful.

Car dock

Most smartphones have their own dock for a car. They can charge the battery, play music through a stereo, or integrate further into the car’s system. A dock for the iPad would be great. I would probably have to base itself in a cup-holder due to the weight, but the large Retina display and long battery life would make the iPads with mobile connectivity and GPS extremely useful.

Edit: Found this on Newegg.


I know that I could just get a briefcase and put my iPad in it, but maybe I do not want to carry around something with so much empty space. A case for the iPad with a handle on it would do just nicely. Maybe even with a space to stow a few papers or documents in the front cover.

Edit: Also found this on Newegg.

Mounting arm

Like a monitor can be mounted to an arm attached to the wall, it may prove to be useful to have an arm to attach an iPad to a wall or desk (think of these lamps). Video calls, note-taking, external computer monitor, web development, and many other uses could be supported by having an iPad mounted on an arm.

Sleeve with a glove

I still really haven’t figured out how to hold my iPad while laying down on my bed. It seems really awkward to hold in any other position than with two hands. Of course, you need one of your hands to actually use the iPad, so a sleeve for the iPad with a glove (or something to put your hand into) attached to the center of the back of the sleeve. It would work when the iPad is above, below, and at face level. Also, then I won’t drop it on my face and possibly get bruises on my nose.


Well, a short list will do. Just a few ideas of accessories that I think should be made for the iPad. If you do know of any instances of these accessories, leave a link in the comments, and I’ll update the list.


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