Amplified Terrain in an Old Minecraft World

November 12, 2013

Now that version 1.7 has been released with its new terrain generation, there is the option to have an amplified world. Unfortunately, you would normally have to create a brand new world in order to play in this great new world type. But, using an external program, it is possible to convert your Minecraft world into one with amplified terrain.

1) Download & Open NBTExplorer

NBTExplorer thread on Minecraft Forum

NBTExplorer thread

Download links for NBTExplorer

Download links for NBTExplorer

First, head to and download the current version of NBTExplorer. Once the download is complete, extract the zip file to a folder on your computer’s desktop.

Folder containing NBTEplorer

After unzipping NBTExplorer

Now go to the folder where NBTExplorer was extracted, and open the program (identified by the dead bush icon). It is a portable application, and will not install any software onto your computer.

2) Open Your World’s Settings

Now that NBTExplorer is open, you can navigate the tree to locate the setting for your world’s terrain generation. To accomplish this, click the [+] next to the name of your world, followed by “level.dat,” and finally “Data.” Within the Data branch, you will find the option called “generatorName,” and that is the setting you will alter in the next step.

The names of the other worlds that were discovered by NBTEXplorer have been blanked out in the below images.

Nothing open in NBTExplorer

Default interface of NBTExplorer

A world open in NBTExplorer

Opening a world

level.dat open in NBTExplorer

Opening level.dat

3) Edit the Generator Name Setting

To perform the actual task of editing your world’s terrain generation to use amplified terrain, all you need to do is find the option generatorName, which was revealed in the previous step. Double-click the name and a popup box will appear containing text, most likely “default.” In its place, you should type “amplified” (be sure to not include the quotes when you type or paste into the popup). Once done, click “Okay” to set the option.

Expanded level data in NBTExplorer

The data contained in level.dat

Highlighting generatorName in NBTExplorer

World option “generatorName”

Editing the generatorName option in NBTExplorer

Editing “generatorName”

Editor open after editing generatorName option in NBTExplorer

Edited “generatorName”

Highlighting generatorName in NBTExplorer after editing

World option “generatorName” after edit

4) Save Your Edit

This is the most simple, yet most important, step of this process. SAVE YOUR WORK! Click the floppy disk (nbtexplorer-disk-24) within the toolbar of NBTExplorer to save your work. Now click it again, just to be sure you did save it.

5) Play Minecraft

Before: normal terrain

Before: normal terrain

After: amplified terrain

After: Amplified terrain

There you go! If everything went well, you should have successfully switched your world from the default to amplified generation. Be forewarned, as there may be a height change due to new biomes generating next to old terrain. Have fun!

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