Facebook Status – Email Uploader for WordPress

This plugin will allow you to update your profile’s status or your fan page’s status using the secret, unique email that Facebook provides for mobile updates. However, it can do more than that, since you can put any email address into the email field.

This plugin uses a post’s shortlink to update Facebook, where a large variety of services can tweet the post if needed. If you want to find a good shortlink service, my advice is the get Jetpack. It provides users of WordPress 3.0 with wp.me shortlinks, which last as long as WordPress.com is around.

I know this plugin is working with WordPress 3.4.1 as of version 1.2, but if it works with other versions let me know, or rate it on WordPress.org.

To install this plugin, just use the installer included with WordPress, then activate it and find it under “Settings” in your admin page.

You can download the most recent version of this plugin at Facebook Status – Email Updater.

Facebook Status - Email Updater